Maximizing Visibility With Pylon Signs

When it comes to business signage, visibility is key. Whether you run a retail store in a busy shopping mall, an automotive or manufacturing plant, a warehouse or college campus, your customers need to find you easily. Using high-quality, strategically-placed signs and visual graphics can help. Signs that are clearly visible from the road will not only improve your organization’s findability quotient, but also enhance brand recognition and overall consumer experience.

With the right color combinations, size and lighting, your pylon signs can stand out and make an impact, day and night. In fact, an internally illuminated pylon sign can work for your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week for years to come.

While it may seem obvious that the first thing you need to do is choose the best location for your pylon sign, there are several other factors to consider. Make sure to take into account the distance of the sign from the roadway, surrounding trees or buildings, and ideal sight lines. Ideally, your sign should be located close to development entrances or near intersections so that it is easily seen from both directions on the road. Considering the city’s guidelines and regulations will also help to ensure that your signage is in compliance.

Contrasting colors are a great way to make your pylon sign stand out from the crowd and improve its visibility. Yellow and black or white and blue are good examples of color combinations that can help to boost your business’s visibility. Leaving some white space on your signage can also be beneficial, as it will allow the text and graphics to stand out better without becoming crowded.

Another important factor to consider is your business name and location, as this will serve as the foundation for the rest of the content on your pylon sign. Make sure to include your business name in a large, clear font so that it is easy to read. Including your company logo will also help to draw attention and promote your branding.

Lastly, make sure that you keep the messaging on your pylon sign simple and to the point. You don’t want to overwhelm your potential customers with too much information, as this will likely distract them from the main message. In addition, be sure to include the services or products that your business offers in order to make it clear what you are selling.

While these tips may seem simple, they have a big impact on the effectiveness of your pylon sign and how visible it is to consumers. By following these 7 do’s and don’ts, you can create a high-visibility sign that will help to drive more traffic to your business. For more information on how to maximize the visibility of your business signage, contact the best Fresno sign company.

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